GIRA Track Rules

GIRA Track Rules

NHRA Rules Strictly Enforced

The GIRA will enforce all NHRA rules regarding competition cars and competition licenses. The GIRA tech inspector’s decisions are final and un-appealable. Don’t ask us to make exceptions. NHRA rules and procedures shall be paramount and in any conflicts with GIRA policy, NHRA rules and policies shall take precedent.

Infractions of any correctable rule regarding safety or compliance to NHRA regulations will result in a suspension of racing privileges until corrected.

Some common NHRA Rules are available here.


In the event of repair or modification at the track after tech inspection approval, GIRA reserves the right and intends to re-inspect your car. If you make any modification to your chassis or safety equipment after your car is inspected, please bring that to our attention so you car may be re-inspected BEFORE running.


Oil Downs

1st occurrence: written warning;

2nd occurrence: $75 penalty;

3rd occurrence: $150 (per season) (09/12).

Bye Run Option

Any racer making a bye run may skip the run by notifying the starter in advance.

No Electronics

Delay boxes and throttle stops are not permitted in any classes.

Chase Vehicles

Chase vehicles are only allowed for Top Gun, Pro ET and Jr ET racers. All other cars must self start and return to the pits under their own power. Chase vehicles must be prepared to follow their race car promptly after the nearest / slower race vehicle crosses 1/8 mile mark. Chase vehicle cannot pass or overtake a race vehicle unless it is stopped and the race is completed or an emergency situation exists. hase vehiles must use emergeny flashers while on the track.

JR ET vehicles must use tow bars on tow backs (no tow straps) and no driver in car.  Exceptions must be approved in advance by Track manager or track safety coordinator.

Burn Outs

Only Top Gun & Pro ET racers may burn out across the starting line.


Failure to be in staging when called may/will result in disqualification.


Seven (7) second rule:  After the first car has staged (and three (3) lights are lit on the tree), the second car has seven (7) seconds to stage, or may be disqualified (09/12).

Courtesy Staging- Please wait to stage until your opponent has pre-staged.

Return Road Courtesy

If towing slowly, please allow cars to pass on the return road to prevent their overheating.

Return Road Policy

The Speed Limit on the return road is 25 mph and 5mph in the pit area


At no time can towed Jr. Dragsters be passed on the return road. If following Jr Dragster you must remain back and maintain a minimum margin of100 feet.

Jr Dragsters should be hooked up and removed from the track turn-off as quickly as possible to avoid congestion and maintain a clear and safe area for arriving drivers and their crew.

Car Numbers

  • Car numbers must be exactly 4 digits
  • No letters are allowed. Car numbers must consist of only digits, 1234567890
  • All car numbers must be clearly displayed on the front windshield and passenger side
  • Top Gun should use their NHRA license number

The first digit identifies the class:

1xxx Bike
2xxx Jr ET
3xxx Street
4xxx Sport Compact
5xxx Muscle V8
7xxx Quick8 / Top Gun / Pro ET
9xxx Test & Tune

Protesting a Race Result

Any challenge to a race result must be made to the starter staff and/or track manager within 10 minutes of the completion of the race.  Only the losing driver, crew chief, or car owner have standing to challenge a race result. (Please, don’t just say, “This Sucks” or “This isn’t fair” or “I don’t like this.” Clearly say “I am protesting the result.”  We need to know the difference between just bitching about a problem and requesting action to review a decision.

A committee of four consisting of two GIRA Directors plus the track manager (Gary Long) and the timing equipment manager (Walt Barnes) will judge the protest. (In the event the track manager is unavailable, an additional GIRA Director may substitute. In the event the timing equipment manager is unavailable, an additional GIRA Director may substitute.)

The judgment may either A) uphold the original result, B) declare the race result void, or C) disqualify one of the competitors resulting in an automatic win for the other.  In the event of declaring the race void, it will be rerun as soon as possible.


Violating any track safety rule, e.g. hazardous driving in the pits, consuming alcohol while racing, or reckless driving during staging, will result in immediate disqualification from the event. No further runs of any kind will be permitted at the event. Repeating such behavior will result in suspension of racing privileges for the remainder of the season.

Violating any track conduct rule, e.g. abusive behavior or fighting, will result in immediate disqualification from the event and ejection from track grounds.

Violating any other track rule or procedure, e.g. excessive burnouts, burnouts across the starting line for slower cars, non-gentlemanly staging, or intentional delays, will result in a warning for the first occurrence, and disqualification of the run for subsequent occurrences. Disqualification of the run during time trials will constitute losing your place and going to the end of the line. Disqualification of the run during eliminations will result in an automatic loss.

Intentional misrepresentations to track officials, e.g. concealing violations of NHRA rules, misrepresenting eligibility for points, will result in immediate disqualification for the event. No further runs of any kind will be permitted at the event. Repeating such behavior will result in suspension of racing privileges for the remainder of the season.


Hot Pits

  • No one under the age of 14 allowed in the hot pits.  Jr Dragster racers may enter the pits when their respective class is called up.  Jr racers must remain near their cars.
  • Covered shoes must be worn in the hot pits at all times.


  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (AT ALL TIMES) when in the pits, this includes visits to other pits and bathroom breaks. Children are no longer allowed to roam in the pit area unsupervised.
  • Please remember to take your trash with you when you leave.  A $50 fine may be assessed to those who leave trash behind.


GIRA track officials reserve the right to suspend or expel any person for just cause without warning.