Common NHRA Rules

Common NHRA Rules

Here is a quick overview of the general guidelines set by the NHRA and enforced by GIRA. This brief guide is no substitute for the NHRA rulebook.

General Rules

  • Drivers must wear a Snell 98 approved helmet.
  • Drivers must wear long pants, full coverage shoes, and shirt with sleeves.
  • Drivers must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Street cars must have a current Hawaii safety inspection and insurance card.
  • Batteries must be securely bolted down.
  • No more than a total of 12” of rubber fuel line is allowed in the entire fuel system.
  • No worn or damaged tires.
  • If the battery is relocated, you must have an external kill switch clearly marked ON/OFF on the back of the vehicle that will cut off electrical power and shut off the car. Cars running an alternator must be rewired to shut off the engine.
  • Any car on slicks must have a driveshaft loop, C-clip eliminators and long wheel studs.
  • Aftermarket rear axles required with a locked rear end.

13.49 and quicker

  • Convertible’s must have a six-point rollbar.

11.99 and quicker

  • All drivers must wear an SFI-approved jacket.
  • SFI-approved (dated 2 yr exp.) five-point harness required.
  • Six-point rollbar required.
  • Manual transmissions require an SFI-approved (dated, exp. depends on clutch type) bellhousing.
  • Steel valve stems required with tubeless tires.

10.99 and quicker

  • 10-point rollcage required.
  • Full-bodied cars with an unaltered firewall, floor, and body may use just a six-point rollbar.
  • Automatic transmissions require an SFI-approved (dated 5 yr exp.) transmission shield.
  • SFI-approved harmonic balancer required.
  • Aftermarket rear axles required.

9.99 and quicker

  • Drivers must have an NHRA Competition License.
  • Medical exam must be complete on the NHRA form before attempting any licensing passes.
  • 10-point rollcage with serialized NHRA sticker (3 yr exp.) and SFI-approved (2 yr exp.) window net required.
  • Multi-layered SFI-approved firesuit required.
  • SFI-approved neck collar mandatory.
  • Parachute required above 150 mph.
  • Automatic transmissions must have SFI-approved (dated, 5 yr exp.) flexplate and shield.