What is GIRA?

The Garden Isle Racing Association, incorporated in 1999, is a not-for-profit corporation which promotes safe Motorsports and responsible street driving. GIRA hosts NHRA-sanctioned drag racing at Kauai Raceway Park in Mana. GIRA races include classes for street-legal cars, imports, Jr. Dragsters, and professional race cars.

What is the NHRA?

The National Hot Rod Association was founded 1951 to get racing off the city streets and highways and into safe, organized venues. Now in its fifth decade, the NHRA is the world’s largest motorsports sanctioning body with more than 85,000 members, 144 member tracks, 32,000 licensed competitors, and nearly 4,000 member-track events.

What is Drag Racing?

Drag racing is a race between two cars accelerating in a straight line for ¼ mile on a closed race course. NHRA sanctioned drag racing includes classes for slower street cars that cover the ¼ mile in 20 seconds and achieve 75 MPH and classes of extreme race cars that cover the ¼ mile in a standing start in 4 seconds and achieve 330 MPH. All cars are subject to thorough technical inspection to insure the safety of all participants and races are run in strict compliance with safety standards.

What is Street Racing?

Street racing is any illegal demonstration of unwarranted, flagrantly excessive speed on public roads. Street racing may involve several cars racing each other, perhaps in an organized fashion, or perhaps completely impromptu. Street racing may also involve just a single car whose driver is trying to see how fast he can go. Street racing is the bane of all motorsports supporters since it gives us all a bad name.

What is NHRA Jr. Drag Racing?

Jr. Dragsters are half-scale dragsters powered by five-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engines that produce speeds up to 85 mph, driven by 8 to 17 year olds.