Classes & Points

Classes by ET (Elapsed Time)

Top Gun –                7.00 to 9.99

Pro ET                    9.99 to 11.49

Muscle V8           11.50 to 13.99

Sport Compact   11.50 to 13.99

Street                   14.00 to 19.99

Bike ET               all motor cycles-no mopeds

Jr Dragster ET   per NHRA rules .

Street legal cars with valid registration, safety check and insurance

GIRA  Championship Points Policy

1 Every eligible participant that pays to race receives 25 points. To receive points you must turn in a dial-in slip to be counted. If you are broke please write “BROKE” and no ET on the dial-in slip so you won’t be placed on the ladder and foul -up the ladder set.

  1. During competition every round the racer participates by self- staging and breaking the beam will earn10 points. If the racer breaks on the burnout, the 10 points for that round will not be awarded. For scheduled bye runs, racer must notify starter if not running to receive the points. Note: no shows by racers opponent is a “single” run, not a bye run.
  2. Class winner will be awarded 50 bonus points.
  3. Points are awarded to the racer, not the race vehicle.
  4. To receive points you (the racer) must be a member in good standing to receive points.
  5. Points can be removed for disciplinary reasons or added and adjusted at the discretion of the GIRA Board of Directors.
  6. Appeal or points corrections must be requested before the conclusion of the next event or 30 days. Contact Bill Turk at: